Humanize the candidate experience through better communication and engagement strategies and technologies

We’ve put together a dynamic line-up of expert speakers! Topics include: candidate communications, employer brand messaging, social media engagement, career site personalization, application process transparency, email marketing, text messaging and lots more!

Day 1
01 May 2018

Welcome to RallyFwd™

Let’s RallyFwd™ to Humanize the Candidate Experience through Better Communication and Engagement.
Lori Sylvia

Would You Do That to Your Mother?

What if we purposefully designed our candidate experience through this lens: Would You Do That to Your Mother?  Our Opening Keynote Speaker, Jeanne Bliss, will present her new #MakeMomProud standard for...
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Jeanne Bliss

Showing Heart: When Candidates Are Your Customers

Southwest Airlines® is widely known for having happy employees…but what about those who want to be employees? With 24 consecutive years among FORTUNE’s World’s Most Admired Companies and nine years...
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Shari Conaway

Leveraging Real Employees to Humanize Your Employer Brand

Getting your Employee Value Proposition just right is mission-critical to the success of your Talent Acquisition strategy. The most effective EVPs are developed in a way that reflects the true,...
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Colleen Finnegan
2:00 pm - 2:15 pm


Humanize the Message: What Your Social Content Says to Candidates

When candidates are researching your company, they want to see and hear the real you, not stock photos and corporate jargon. There’s no better way to give them an authentic...
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Craig Fisher

You Get Me: How a Personalized Career Site Boosts the Candidate Experience

Recruitment Marketers are borrowing from their marketing team’s playbook to create personalized career site experiences. Why? Because content that speaks intentionally to your candidate personas can make them instantly feel...
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Jess Schuster

Make Candidates :-) Using Text Messaging to Respond (and Hire) Faster

In today’s ultra-competitive job market, some candidates are only on the market for a matter of days. As a result, the speed with which we connect with interested candidates is...
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John Turner

Recruiting Informed Candidates: How Anticipating and Answering Questions Helps You Hire Better

Candidates want authenticity and transparency about employers, and they turn to Glassdoor for insights that they can’t get anywhere else. Candidates want to know what they can expect from an...
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Mallory Brown

You Have Mail: Communicating with Candidates Like a Marketer

Marketers use email to provide leads with relevant, timely content that keeps their brand top of mind and that converts them into customers. Recruitment Marketers are borrowing these proven tactics...
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Kaitlyn Holbein
Charlotte Jones
Jared Nypen

Chatbots Explained: How Bots Can Make Your Company More Human

Although chatbots aren’t human, they can humanize the candidate experience! By providing automated one-to-one conversations with candidates, bots can provide a more personable experience at scale for career site visitors...
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Adam Glassman

How a Transparent Candidate Experience Helps Johnson & Johnson “Shine”

As a company focused on wellness, Johnson & Johnson aims to put the needs and well-being of the people they serve first. This was the inspiration for the talent acquisition...
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Trevor Higgs

RallyFwd™ Wrap Up

Key take-aways from RallyFwd™, and what you can do next to lead the change.
Lori Sylvia

Agenda subject to change.