Ryan Berman

Founder, Courageous
Ryan Berman

Ryan Berman

Founder, Courageous


Ryan Berman is the founder of Courageous, a creative change consultancy that develops Courage Brands®. Ryan has worked with some of the largest companies in the country including Google, Snapchat, Charity: Water, Major League Baseball, Caesars Entertainment, PUMA, Subway and US Ski & Snowboard. His methods to installing courage in stories and organizations have been covered in Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Inc and Forbes. Ryan believes that in these courage deficient times, courage is a competitive advantage waiting to be unlocked. His Amazon best-selling book ‘Return on Courage: A Playbook for Courageous Change’ addresses this head on for professionals looking to inspire employees and coworkers to be daring and think bigger. Ryan also has an online 8 week Courage Bootcamp and his own Courage Brand called Sock Problems: an altruistic sock company that socks different problems in the world.

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OPENING KEYNOTE: Return on Courage

04 Dec 2019
1:15 pm - 2:00 pm ET