December 2023

       RallyFwd has kept me up to date on many of the top strategies and tactics that others have successfully applied to their workforces.

    While I work for a small org, it's nice to see what large orgs are doing so I can think big and adapt ideas to fit my resources.

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Talent Acquisition


    First time watcher, and I absolutely loved it. I plan on telling my colleagues.

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       I liked that there were three different stages going and I could switch. In all honesty, I think this is the first virtual conference I've actually stayed on the whole time!

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There is a once-in-a-millennium transformation underway in Talent Acquisition

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At the RallyFwd Virtual Conference On Demandindustry thought leaders and expert practitioners discuss the most important innovations happening right now in talent acquisition, recruitment marketing, employer branding and candidate experience, and what you can do to modernize your strategy and advance your skills, so that you don’t fall behind. 

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The rapid acceleration of AI and automation coupled with redefining candidate expectations about work and changing job search behaviors are creating both tremendous challenges and opportunities for employers. New technologies are revolutionizing how practitioners do their jobs, bringing greater insights and efficiencies that benefit employers and candidates alike. New social and digital channels are changing how people discover careers, requiring new approaches to how companies attract and engage talent. 

Now is the time to assess your plan for 2024 and ensure that your team has the right strategies, technologies, processes and skills in order to compete and win in this age of Talent Acquisition Innovation.

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Talent Solutions RPO
Talent Solutions RPO

Meet the Speakers

Jess Almodovar
Senior Content Marketing Manager, ChenMed

Claudia Lascano
Senior Marketing Manager for Physician Recruitment, ChenMed

Nicole Parish
Global Attraction Experience Manager, Qualtrics

Annette DeHaven
Recruitment Marketing Account Director, Ph.Creative

Julie Tuleya
Global Candidate Engagement & Content Manager, Booz Allen

Phyllis Badgett
Global Candidate Attraction Lead, Booz Allen

Andrew Flowers
Labor Economist, Appcast

Charlotte Marshall
Director of People Branding, Intuitive

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Jason Jones
Global Employer Brand Lead, Klaviyo

Lori Sylvia
Founder & CEO, Rally

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