Amy Winebright

Global Talent Attraction & Employer Brand, Dell
Amy Winebright, Dell

Amy Winebright

Global Talent Attraction & Employer Brand, Dell


Amy Forbes Winebright is the global project manager for the Dell Technologies Employer Brand team, promoting Dell as an employer of choice for both recruitment and retention of the best in industry talent. From her home office she collaborates daily with key stakeholders and her global team to create dynamic content and campaigns that support Dell’s recruitment marketing and branding strategies. She is a “boomerang” Dell employee, returning to Dell after 10 years away to raise her kids and start a photography business. She credits Dell’s flexible work environment for allowing her to return to her career and still be present for her family. Amy regularly speaks to advocate remote or flexible work, sharing lessons learned from Dell’s Connected Workplace Program which has enable remote and flexible working options for Dell team members since 2009.

Outside of work, Amy is a photographer and loves being surrounded by her family, food and football. She also enjoys gardening and loves to travel and explore the world, experiencing new diverse cultures. Her childhood dream is to be a National Geographic photographer.

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Uncover Your True Employer Brand Difference

02 Dec 2020
1:10 pm - 1:30 pm