Call for Speakers

Our next RallyFwd Virtual Conference will take place on Dec. 2, 2020. Our new theme: Reinvent Recruiting in a Virtual World. Join our line-up of industry thought leaders by submitting a speaking proposal below.

Call for Speakers


We’re looking for bold practitioners to present the strategies that are working to attract and recruit talent in a virtual world. We would like our conference agenda to represent employers of all sizes, and brands that are known and unknown. You must be a dynamic presenter who can engage an audience on camera.

IMPORTANT: Speaking proposals will only be considered for practitioners who work in-house at an employer. We’re sorry that we cannot consider proposals from consultants, agencies or vendors at this time.

DEADLINES: Submissions by Oct. 19, 2020. Presentations recorded by Nov. 13, 2020.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Please submit a 400-word description on one of the potential topics below, why it has worked and the impact it’s made on recruiting and your company’s business. Also include what attendees will learn from your session, and who would benefit most from hearing your presentation.


  • How we show and live our company culture while we’re all remote, beyond the standard Zoom screenshot – because candidates are watching
  • Innovative ways that we made our candidate experience / hiring process virtual and human
  • For jobs that are in-person, what’s important to candidates to know up front and what we changed about our hiring process to reduce drop-off
  • How we uncover, capture and amplify the employee stories that matter right now – while we’re all remote or we can’t do in-person interviews
  • How we are telling our diversity, inclusion, belonging and equality story differently and better
  • X things we changed about our careers site / job descriptions to attract talent looking for stability
  • Innovative ways that we’re showing the employee experience or a day-in-the-life of specific jobs
  • How we’ve kept our talent database / CRM warm and engaged, even if our hiring was down
  • How we are managing the surge in applicants / hiring volume and actually increasing quality
  • X things we are doing differently on our careers social channels, why and how it’s working
  • How we revamped our job advertising strategy to use digital channels and attract remote talent
  • Specific things we are doing that are making our employees more engaged than ever before, and why they love it
  • What we’ve learned from doing virtual recruiting events and what’s working that you can borrow
  • The new role of the job description in attracting remote talent, and why they must tell our employer brand story more than ever 
  • How our chatbot has been our secret advantage during the pandemic, and why it’s here to stay
  • How we’re using all of the employee generated content being created by our WFH employees (finally!)
  • Best practices in using video to capture employee stories or to create Recruitment Marketing content
  • What’s changed about how candidates are researching employers that we need to know
  • Why our employee advocacy program is better than ever and X strategies you can borrow
  • The biggest change we made in our candidate communications during this time and the impact it’s had
  • How I evolved my role and have made a bigger impact at my company
  • I was out of work, here’s what I did, and how I’m thriving now