Call for Speakers

Our next RallyFwd Virtual Conference will take place on May 6, 2020. Our new theme: Elevate Your Employer Brand. Join our line-up of industry thought leaders by submitting a speaking proposal below.

Call for Speakers


We’re looking for forward-thinking practitioners to present their proven internal or external employer brand strategies that have made a competitive impact on recruiting. We would like our conference agenda to represent employers of all sizes, and brands that are known and unknown. You must be a dynamic presenter who can engage an audience on camera.

IMPORTANT: Speaking proposals will only be considered for practitioners who work in-house at an employer. We’re sorry that we cannot consider proposals from consultants, agencies or vendors at this time.

DEADLINES: Submissions by March 9, 2020. Presentations recorded by April 15, 2020.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Please submit a 400-word description that describes your EB strategy, why it worked and the impact made on recruiting. Also include what attendees will learn from your session, and who would benefit most from hearing your presentation.


  • How to sell employer branding to leadership to get commitment, funding and resources
  • How to create employer brand and corporate brand alignment with your Marketing partners
  • How to launch a new employer brand initiative with leadership and company-wide buy-in
  • If you’re just getting started in employer branding, an action plan to follow
  • When you’re ready to innovate in employer branding, new strategies and technologies to gain an edge
  • How to figure out what your authentic employer brand is, and then develop your EVP messaging and pillars that last for the next 5 years
  • Keeping it real: Ensuring your candidate experience and hiring process truly reflects your EVP
  • How to infuse your employer brand in every touchpoint along the candidate journey
  • Communicating with candidates through email, text and chat that’s on-brand
  • Ways to ensure your employer brand message is amplified consistently across all channels and by all team members
  • How to integrate your employer brand into your job advertising to convert more candidates
  • How to turn around a negative employer brand reputation, and strategies to manage and leverage employer reviews to your advantage
  • The impact of employee experience on employer brand, the impact of employer brand on employee retention, and a holistic strategy that ties everything together
  • Employer branding on a budget
  • If your brand is unknown, outside-the-box strategies that break through
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your employer brand strategies