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Call for Speakers

Our next RallyFwd Virtual Conference will take place on Dec. 11, 2024. Join our line-up of industry thought leaders by submitting a speaking proposal below.

Call for Speakers


We’re looking for bold practitioners to present the strategies that are working to attract, engage and recruit talent. We would like our conference agenda to represent employers of all sizes, and brands that are known and unknown. You must be a dynamic presenter who can engage an audience on camera. Our conference theme will be Elevate Your Talent Strategy. While it’s not required that your session fit within that subject, it can be used as a guide. 

IMPORTANT: Speaking proposals will only be considered for practitioners who work in-house at an employer. We’re sorry that we cannot consider proposals from consultants, agencies or vendors at this time.

DEADLINES: Submissions by August 1, 2024. Presentations recorded by November 20, 2024.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Please submit a 400-word description on one of the potential topics below, why it has worked and the impact it’s made on recruiting and your company’s business. Also include what attendees will learn from your session, and who would benefit most from hearing your presentation.


  • Bold approaches that have elevated your talent strategy 
  • How AI is changing recruitment and what this means for your company and your career
  • How to keep your employer brand authentic in the era of AI-created images and content
  • Innovative digital recruiting strategies that go beyond job boards (and that work)
  • How to ensure you’re removing bias, not introducing it, when implementing new recruitment technology
  • Opportunities for automation across your recruitment process that will change your game
  • How AI and automation can optimize your job advertising and recruitment marketing strategy
  • What to look for in agency partners as you evolve your TA strategy
  • The new way candidates are searching for and discovering jobs, and how you can adapt
  • Careers Site automation that boosts candidate attraction and application conversions
  • The new Candidate Communications Experience, powered by AI and automation (email, SMS, chat)
  • The strategies and skills you need to unlock the power of social media to reach passive candidates
  • Data-driven Recruitment Marketing to guide your content and campaigns
  • Building the business case for Talent Acquisition innovation
  • How to build your TA/RM team for the new Age of Talent Acquisition
  • Future jobs and skill sets you should be hiring for today
  • Suggest your topic!
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