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Kathryn Minshew, CEO & Founder, The Muse and RallyFwd Keynote Speaker



3 Reasons to Watch

Define Your Brand

 How your company is treating its employees, customers and community during this critical time is defining what your employer brand really represents. What happens now will have a lasting effect on your company’s culture, your reputation and your ability to attract, recruit and retain talent. Our speakers will share how their companies are leading with their brands during this crisis.

Navigate Now

We’ll help you navigate the impact of this crisis on your brand, your business and your career, and help you to be ready for whatever comes next. We’ve gathered some of the industry’s top thought leaders and employer brand mentors who have the experience, judgment and leadership to guide us all through this time of uncertainty.

Move Forward

The RallyFwd sessions are helpful, supportive and hopeful. Each speaker provides strategies, advice and insights to help you and your company move forward from this crisis based on their own experiences. If you are wondering what you need to do to help your company and your career, watch the On Demand sessions. 

The presenters inspired me & gave me the kick in the arss I needed. Sometimes we get so busy our motivation fades and we do not even realize it. #RallyFwdMotivates

This was one of the most valuable free conferences I have attended, and the delivery was seamless.