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REIMAGINE Recruitment Marketing On Demand!

2023 has seen the lowest unemployment rate since 1969 and employers continue to face challenges when using traditional hiring strategies to attract the talent they need. Talent acquisition teams are confronting outdated and ineffective recruiting methods, tight budgets and limited resources, causing them to struggle to keep up with hiring demands. Candidates now make job decisions based on a company’s values, diversity and inclusion, and the employee experience they’re promised. We need to evolve how we market our jobs to tell the full story of what our company offers as an employer, beyond a job description.

It’s time to reimagine how Recruitment Marketing can influence and accelerate hiring efforts now and into the future. With a strong employer brand, data-driven strategies and comprehensive analytics, you can stay competitive at recruiting top talent no matter your team size and budget.

Watch the RallyFwd Virtual Conference On Demand to learn from leading practitioners, make new connections across our global community and discover new technologies to support your success. You’ll walk away with strategies, insights and inspiration that will enrich your Recruitment Marketing, employer branding and candidate experience efforts in ways you never imagined.

The next Live RallyFwd Virtual Conference is on December 6, 2023! 

Join the rally to watch leading practitioners present strategies, insights and inspiration for inclusive recruitment marketing, and to make new connections across our global community.

The conference features forward-thinking speakers and exclusive product demonstrations to help you learn bold strategies and new technologies for advancing talent acquisition, recruitment marketing, employer branding and candidate experience.


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