Reinvent Recruiting
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5 Reasons to Watch

Reinvent Your Recruiting Strategy

Across every industry, companies have had to pivot and adapt quickly to the unfolding challenges presented by the pandemic, and your leadership is working right now to reinvent business operations to be ready for whatever lies ahead. At RallyFwd, you’ll hear how leading practitioners are getting ahead of these changes with talent acquisition and recruitment marketing strategies that will support business growth to come back even stronger.

Make Your Virtual Experiences Real

With the sudden shift to remote work, we’ve all had to create virtual talent experiences for candidates, new hires and employees. Those ‘temporary’ changes have become the ‘new normal’ for employers and for talent, and many believe there’s no going back to how we operated before. Our speakers will share specific technologies they’re using to make their virtual talent experiences seamless and engaging, and even gain an advantage to hire better and smarter. 

Bring Your Employer Brand to Life

Candidates are counting on you to help them picture themselves working at your company and get a realistic view of what their job will be like if they accept your offer, especially during this time of uncertainty. Your careers site and social media channels are more important than ever to communicating your employee value proposition and company culture, but that’s not all you can leverage to make your jobs and company stand out. Learn innovative approaches for bringing your employer brand to life in a virtual world. 

Reimagine Your Career

You’re navigating through a tremendous amount of uncertainty. Whether recruiting decreased or increased at your company, you’ve had to shift your priorities, add new responsibilities and completely change your approach. Many believe that our role will never be the same, but this doesn’t have to be a negative consequence. RallyFwd will help you seize the moment to not only reinvent your current role, but reimagine your career, your value and your impact. 

Be Ready for 2021

 Everything has changed about how we attract, recruit and retain talent. There is an opportunity in front of us to shift our thinking as well from old paradigms of talent acquisition to transparency, authenticity and organic storytelling, and from old paradigms of talent management to community, engagement and wellness. The opportunity is yours to lead right now, and RallyFwd will give you strategies, insights and inspiration to help you thrive in 2021 and beyond.  

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