December 2022

       RallyFwd has kept me up to date on many of the top strategies and tactics that others have successfully applied to their workforces.

    While I work for a small org, it's nice to see what large orgs are doing so I can think big and adapt ideas to fit my resources.

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    First time watcher, and I absolutely loved it. I plan on telling my colleagues.

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6 Technology Demos

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       I liked that there were three different stages going and I could switch. In all honesty, I think this is the first virtual conference I've actually stayed on the whole time!

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Today there are two job openings for every unemployed person in the U.S.

It’s clear that employers can’t depend on yesterday’s recruiting approaches to solve today’s hiring challenges. Companies must have a compelling employer brand that resonates with today’s talent and the know-how to attract candidates through engaging social media, innovative digital marketing and optimized advertising strategies.

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Meet the speakers

Abigail Chambley

Director of Talent Acquisition, Mission

Chris Woods

Employer Reputation & Recruitment Marketing Manager, Mars

Grace Leuenberger

Visual Designer, HR Innovation & Experience, UPMC

Bethany Thiede

Sr. Experience Consultant, HR Innovation & Experience, UPMC

Jana Luitjens

Sr. Recruitment Marketing & Employer Branding Specialist, Parexel

Rebecca Brookson

Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition Marketing and Communications, TTEC

Leesha Bush

Global Sr. Manager, Social Media, TTEC

Kristin Andreassi

Experience Consultant, UPMC

Jessica Summerfield

Talent Acquisition Marketing Manager, Advocate Aurora Health

Lori Sylvia

Founder & CEO, Rally Recruitment Marketing

Chris Forman

Closing Keynote

Founder & CEO, Appcast

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